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Meet Michael Reyes from Salem Fitness Center!

We’re pleased to introduce Michael Reyes, newest owner of the Salem Fitness Center, where we hold regular Thursday and Saturday boxing and conditioning classes! As the most recent instructor to help join the fight against Parkinson’s, Michael is far from new to the wellness field. Here’s a glimpse into his career background…

Michael is an experienced personal trainer with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. He is skilled in coaching, wellness coaching, fitness training, athletics, and team building. He is a strong community and social services professional with a BS degree focused in economics and management from Norwich University.

Michael has installed a brand new ring in the boxing area at the center. Think that’s too difficult for you? THINK AGAIN AND POSITIVELY! A few of our members have already successfully climbed in to work “on the ropes” trying new agility techniques and stamina-building routines!

Kim Crowley will continue providing her great strength-building and conditioning workouts in her other class locations. Michael understands that Parkinson’s wants to do whatever it can to challenge you, so visualize it as the opponent it is and punch back as hard as you can! You can DO this and Michael is ready to show you how!

“Exercise That’s Tailored and Routine Can Help Patients at All Disease Stages”, Therapist Says…

Michael Braitsch, a kinesiology professor and board-licensed doctor of physical therapy, states that:

Parkinson’s motor symptoms mimic normal aging in many ways — only they’re sped up and intensified.  Because each patient experiences Parkinson’s uniquely, tailored and one-on-one routines are best. Still, he said, group programs with skilled leaders are also worthwhile, fostering consistency, motivation, performance, community, camaraderie, support and idea sharing.

“Depression and isolation  starts a negative feedback loop. So, that’s where a tribe helps,” said Braitsch. …Strength in numbers means we all do better together.”

In a GREAT online post from Parkinson’s News Today, the gist of the entire article mirrors what our Parkinson’s Fitness philosophy has stated and reinforced since we began in 2013! We encourage you to click this link and read the article. You will find many similarities to what we consistently emphasize and encourage! Click below for the article:



For many people with a funky sense of humor, they may substitute the first word in the title of this blog entry as “yogurt”, because they tend to shy away from accepting that alternative ways of managing their Parkinson’s symptoms (such as practicing Yoga) can successfully augment taking regular medications. Read on…

An opening statement in the February/March 2017 issue of Brain & Life magazine speaks to the importance of trying new approaches in one’s fight against Parkinson’s: “For people with Parkinson’s disease, yoga has been shown to increase flexibility and posture, ease stiffness, and possibly improve balance”, says Roy Alcalay, MD, assistant professor at Columbia University and medical adviser with the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation.

Before starting any exercise program, including yoga, clear it with your doctor. While you consider the positives associated with practicing Yoga, read this article to learn why Parkinson’s Fitness includes Yoga in our programs.

Instructor Heather Tharpe leads her weekly Wednesday class in a wonderful new space at the Greater Beverly YMCA. Click here for a class description, location, and time.

We encourage you to make it a priority to visit Heather’s class and learn first-hand how Yoga can improve your physical strength, flexibility, and balance and create a positive sense of emotional relaxation.


“Strategy without execution
is the slowest route to victory,
and tactics without strategy
is the noise before defeat.”
―Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu was a Chinese general, military strategist, writer, and philosopher who lived in the Eastern Zhou period of ancient China. Sun Tzu is traditionally credited as the author of The Art of War, a widely influential work of military strategy that has affected both Western and East Asian philosophy and military thinking.

When your strategy for holding Parkinson’s symptoms at bay is – “I’ll plan for exercise, education, and socialization with others to manage my Parkinson’s” – but then none of it is put into action, Parkinson’s gains another life-robbing victory in the war.

The Parkinson’s Fitness team is here to provide BOTH the strategies and the ways to execute them that fit YOUR abilities! We have a whole variety of classes and programs that address the many challenges Parkinson’s symptoms create. TRY ANY OR ALL OF THEM! Click here for days, times and locations.



In the May 8, 2017 online issue of Parkinson’s News Today, a “Facts You May Not Know About Parkinson’s” article includes the following information – interesting reading!

The types of exercise you choose will depend, to some degree, on the severity of your Parkinson’s disease and your overall health. According to the Parkinson’s Disease Clinic and Research Center at the University of California, the exercises should be varied and incorporate changing directions through unplanned movement, cardiovascular exercise, balance, strength training and rhythmical exercises.

Unplanned and Random Movement
The exercises listed require the person to change tempo and direction regularly. These will challenge a person mentally as well as physically as they require concentration to perform.
• Walking, hiking or jogging
• Racket sports such as badminton, table tennis, squash
• Yoga or Tai Chi
• Outdoor cycling
• Dancing
• Aerobic classes
• Marching with swinging arms
• Swimming in different strokes

Planned and Repeated Movement
These exercises are generally repeated movements that require balance. They can be performed while doing something that challenges a person mentally, such as watching a quiz show or the news, throwing and catching balls, singing, or problem-solving.
• Cycling on a static bike
• Weightlifting using light weights
• Swimming laps in the same stroke
• Slow walking on a treadmill


Members of our Salem and Beverly Strength in Motion  classes instructed by Kim Crowley are finding themselves stronger and with better control over their mobility issues. And little wonder about that! Read on to learn about the other kinds of classes Kim is independently involved with locally. We’re so fortunate that she is willing to share her incredible energy, time and knowledge twice a week as one of our Parkinson’s Fitness team of instructors!

Coupled with her active home life as a busy wife and mom, here’s just a peek into a few of the ways Kim teaches elsewhere during the week.

Introduction to Muscle Training, Strength and Stretch, Weight Training, Senior Boot Camp, Small Group Circuit Training and…wait for it!…ZUMBA!

And speaking of Zumba, Kim and colleague Rachelle Bruzzese recently participated in an annual fundraising “Zumbathon” to raise money for Children’s Charities. The money raised this year went to Boston Children’s Hospital and Over $3,000 was raised!

Way to go, Kim!

Click here for our weekly schedule that includes Kim’s Strength in Motion classes.



There are some people you just DON’T want to under-estimate!

The boxing area provided for our use at the Salem Fitness Center is a great place to work on the benefits of shifting one’s center of gravity and improving footwork, balance, cognitive focus, and general body conditioning…not to mention being able to punch out frustrations on the heavy bags!

To “meet” the instructors, read about the program, find our location, and view a calendar:

click here


After the fun many of us had while bowling during our April mini-fundraiser, one of our class members suggested that the people in our classes might enjoy getting together once a week at the Sunnyside bowling lanes for coffee and the exercise of bowling a string or two.

The lane use is slower on Monday mornings around 10 AM, so we’ve issued a no-reservations-needed invitation for class members to come by for coffee compliments of Sunnyside, and a whole lot of fun. It’ll be a “fun-raiser” every week! Shoe and lane rentals are the bowlers’ responsibilities, as is making new friends and enjoying time spent with the ones already known.

Location: Sunnyside Bowladrome – 176 Water Street, Danvers (same road as Bishop Fenwick High School) – 10:00 AM – Monday mornings.

Questions? Phone Linda Hall at 781-572-5918 or email her by clicking here.




This week, Strength-in-Motion instructor, Kim Crowley welcomed 11 people to our new Thursday-morning class at the Beverly Council on Aging! After introductions, it wasn’t long before the music was playing in the background and we were engaged in energetic movements that targeted our major muscle groups…all while still seated! Resistance loop bands and floor “slider” discs functioned as our equipment, and now we know why the class is referred to as Strength-in Motion!

Then, while up on our feet and exercising our way toward the end of class time, Kim introduced us to a few Salsa dance moves! And we DID it! Great way to feel!

Click here to see descriptions about this and other Parkinson’s Fitness classes


Our G.O.A.L. has always been to provide ways for people with Parkinson’s to Go On Actively Living. click here for class locations and times

We’re excited to partner with Josh Freedland, owner of Marblehead’s Brain & Body Performance of Boston, to integrate our ability-based physical workouts that include boxing with Josh’s exercise-enhanced cognitive training that empowers participants with better awareness, mental focus and decision making skills.

Quoting Josh: “Every athlete goes to the gym working on his or her body…but they don’t train their brains – why not?”

While the NeuroTracker system was not created solely for Parkinson’s disease, Josh’s segment of the program will utilize research-driven technologies and specialized combinations of both physical and cognitive training to help “re-wire” the brain, especially in those with neuro-generative medical conditions and declining cognitive function.

Location: Perfect Balance Conditioning, 63 1/2 Jefferson Avenue, Salem
When: Saturdays – 10:00 – 11:15 AM  and  Thursdays – 1:00 – 2:00 PM
To accommodate members’ schedules, especially those who are still working during the week and wanted a Saturday class, days are interchangeable.

We’re offering a FREE introductory visit! Come try us out!

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