Virtual Live Classes & Recorded Classes

NOTE: With our facilities closed, we are continuing to provide opportunities to keep moving via live online fitness classes led by Kim and Dianna, as well as pre-taped classes that can be done at any time. See below for class times and instructions.

To enter the free class: Please email Linda at at least an hour before class begins to get the class link. For now, stay healthy. Stay tuned.

Virtual Parkinson’s Fitness LIVE Online Zoom Classes (Email for access link):

  • Monday        11:30 AM    Balance in Motion with Dianna
  • Tuesday       11:00 AM    Strength with Kim
  • Wednesday  11:00 AM    Strength with Kim
  • Wednesday    2:00 PM    Yoga with Dianna
  • Thursday     10:00 AM    Strength with Kim
  • Friday             1:00 PM    Balance in Motion with Dianna
  • Saturday        1:00 PM    Strength with Kim

What You’ll Do to View Virtual Classes: 

  1. Virtual class participation requires you have Internet access and a computer or mobile device. Your best access is through a direct ethernet connection from your router. If you are using WiFi, it is recommended that no other devices in your home are using WiFi at the same time.
  2. If you are using a smartphone or tablet: Go to the App Store on your device and download the free App called Zoom Cloud Meetings.
  3. If you are using a home computer or laptop: open your daily class link email and click the link which will launch your internet browser and Zoom us
  4. Enter the Meeting ID and Password.
  5. These are live classes, and you must participate at the time listed. You do not need to individually register for any class.
  6. Spread out in your living room, kitchen or den, and get ready to sweat! Listen to your body, take breaks when needed. You are in charge of your own safety, as we cannot see you while class is in progress.

Parkinson’s Fitness Recorded Videos with Dianna Daly: Here is the link to Dianna’s video channel, where you can find all current and past videos. Do one, do them all, or mix and match! As always, be sure the space is clear around you, only do what feels best for your body in that moment, and have fun!