In-Person, Live Online ZOOM, and Recorded Classes

Scroll down under the photos for the type, time and locations for our free weekly classes, as well as to view instructions for using ZOOM if you choose to participate in that way. Before access into in-person and/or live online classes will be granted (including ZOOM links for virtual instruction), you must complete the Sign-on Form and follow instructions #1 and #2 to register to participate.


All classes begin with participants seated and then progressing to standing, if able.

There is always the option to remain seated with variations provided for standing and moving throughout the class space.

The positive social component of getting together in person for Parkinson’s Fitness classes is enormous! According to the national CDC, people with stronger social connections find help with improving the ability to recover from stress, anxiety, and depression; promoting healthy eating, physical activity, and weight; improving sleep, well-being, and quality of life.

All are welcome to attend any of our free in-person classes! If poor weather or community events make attending questionable, confirm weekly class availability by phoning the listed locations in advance.


Thursdays – 1:00 PM – In-person  

Strength with Kim at the Salem Council on Aging, 401 Bridge Street, Salem!

Come check it out!!

IN-PERSON: Face masks are no longer mandatory, and their use is a participant’s choice.

  • Monday             10:00 AM   Strength with Kim – Marblehead Council on Aging, 10 Humphrey Street – call COA – 781-631-6737
  • Wednesdays     11:00 AM   Strength with Kim – Marblehead Council on Aging, 10 Humphrey Street – call COA – 781-631-6737
  • Thursdays         11:00 AM   Balance in Motion with Dianna – MAGMA Center, 186 Main Street, Gloucester – call Dianna – 857-488-7880
  • Thursdays           1:00 PM   Strength with Kim – Salem Council on Aging, 401 Bridge Street – call COA – 978-744-0180
  • Fridays              10:10 AM    Balance & Strength with Sally – Lynnfield Council on Aging, 525 Salem Street – call COA781-598-1078 
  • Fridays                1:00 PM    Balance in Motion with Dianna – Danvers Council on Aging, 25 Stone Street – call COA978-762-0208

VIRTUAL – Online via Zoom (these are live classes, not recorded): Access links are available for registered participants an hour before class start time.

  • Tuesday           1:00 PM      Balance in Motion with Dianna –
  • Wednesday     1:00 PM      Breathe and Stretch Yoga with Dianna
  • Friday                1:00 PM     Balance in Motion with Dianna

What You’ll Do to View Virtual Classes: 

  1. Virtual class participation requires you have Internet access and a computer or mobile device. Your best access is through a direct ethernet connection from your router. If you are using WiFi, it is recommended that no other devices in your home are using WiFi at the same time.
  2. If you are using a smartphone or tablet: Go to the App Store on your device and download the free App called Zoom Cloud Meetings.
  3. If you are using a home computer or laptop: open your daily class link email and click the link which will launch your internet browser and Zoom us
  4. Enter the Meeting ID and Password.
  5. These are live classes, and you must participate at the time listed.
  6. Spread out in your living room, kitchen or den, and get ready to sweat! Listen to your body, take breaks when needed. You are in charge of your own safety, as we cannot see you while class is in progress.

Parkinson’s Fitness Recorded Videos with Dianna Daly: Here is the link to Dianna’s video channel, where you can find all current and past videos. Do one, do them all, or mix and match! As always, be sure the space is clear around you, only do what feels best for your body at the time and have fun!

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