Keith, Linda, and members of our Parkinson’s Fitness team are participating in three different events!

• On Saturday, May 14th, we will host a booth at the Michael J. Fox “Parkinson’s IQ + You” event at the Westin Hotel Boston. Click for Details
• Also on May 14th, Parkinson’s Fitness will be an exhibitor at the Wakefield/Lynnfield Chamber of Commerce “Healthy Living Expo” at the Lynnfield Town Common from 10am-1pm. Click for Details
• On Sunday, May 22nd Keith, Linda and the Parkinson’s Fitness team will be walking to support the APDA Massachusetts Chapter “Optimism Walk” in Framingham. The Parkinson’s community is very fortunate to have the APDA supporting our Massachusetts communities. The APDA has been a supporter of our local Parkinson’s Fitness programs for over seven years! Let’s show them how much we appreciate all that they do! Click to Join our Team or Donate 

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More than words of gratitude can truly convey…thank you, everyone!


“Building Resilience Foundations”
September 14th
Danvers YMCA

Left to right:
Melanie Giles, Marie Lucey, Dr. Stephanie Bissonnette, Linda Hall (Parkinson’s Fitness co-founder), Anne Muskopf, Stephanie Recchia

Parkinson’s Fitness Strength & Conditioning Instructor, Kim Crowley (left), symposium participant Ron Gagne, and Balance in Motion instructor, Dianna Daly (right)


An attentive audience of 125 throughout the symposium!

Audience arrival begins!











Our symposium sponsors and supporters












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We had so much fun at the bowling fundraiser!

To ALL of you who came – or donated if you couldn’t – your support is so important for keeping our programs available!

Some couples who didn’t know others really well didn’t let that stop them from jumping in to join the fun. Some who said they were just there to support and watch tried their hand at bowling and “had a blast” according to class instructor, Dianna Daly! Bowling is a tremendous balance challenge, and the ball-rolling approaches some people adapted were really impressive!

As an official ice cream “scooper”, class instructor Kim Crowley swears she’ll hold secret the names of those who came back to her for seconds! And we send a special shout-out to Laurie G. and Pauline and Dave E. for arriving early to help set up, and to Laurie for being THE best “raffle girl”! Congratulations to those who won the Red Sox and the beach-themed raffles!


Challenge family members, neighbors and friends, and invite fellow bowling league members to join in the fun at our annual mini-fundraiser to help sustain our Parkinson’s exercise, movement, music therapy, and educational programs!

We bowled from 5 to 7 PM and afterward shared “bragging rights” while enjoying a slice of pizza, beverages, delicious cake and locally-made ice cream!



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          Our Feet Are Made for Walking…
Our Arms Are Made for Swinging…
     Our Voices Are Made for Talking and Singing…

Clinical studies have shown that rhythmic auditory stimulation (RAS), using rhythm and music, significantly improved gait and upper extremity function for stroke, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, and other conditions.

Auditory stimuli have been used in the motor rehabilitation of patients with Parkinson’s disease, who increased their walking speed, stride length, and stability after RAS training, an approach that uses rhythmic cues to improve motor function.

We welcomed 30 people to our 8-week “Moving to the Beat” neurologic percussion series led by staff from MedRhythms Neurologic Music Therapy of Boston at the Danvers Community YMCA, 34 Pickering Street. Free classes were held on Wednesday afternoons from 1 – 2 PM.


Thank you to all who attended our “Evening of Spirit and Song” annual fall fundraiser. We appreciate your support!


Thanks to all who came out to support our annual


Candlepin Bowling & Ice Cream Social

We had a great time raising awareness around Parkinson’s Disease and funds for our programs.

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Thanks to ALL who attended our free educational seminar in collaboration with MedRhythms Neurologic Music Therapy. Guests heard MedRhythms CEO Brian Harris explain the relationship between music and neuroscience and technology.

We hope to provide more educational seminars throughout the year. Please visit our event page again soon to learn more.

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