Searching for meaningful words in celebration of the upcoming Fourth of July, we offer these thoughts and ask, regardless of your political views about the incredible amount of unrest throughout the world, that you take some quiet time away from everything and honestly consider whether you would really want to live anywhere else and still expect to have the freedoms with which we are blessed.

 “Let’s take a break from complaining about America to celebrate America.” – anonymous

Ten Marks of A GOOD CITIZEN – (author unknown)

  1. Well-informed on local and world affairs.
  2. Courteous, unselfish, friendly – gets along well with others – is a good neighbor.
  3. Sincere, dependable, and takes an active part in a religious community of personal choice.
  4. Appreciates what others have done and accepts responsibility for the future betterment of the community.  
  5. Is fair and just in relations with others.
  6. Obeys the laws of the community and nation.
  7. Votes regularly and intelligently at election time – and respects the choices of others.
  8. Is interested in the freedom and welfare of all of the world’s peoples and takes part in securing them.
  9. Is productive and renders a worthwhile service to his fellow man.
  10. Sets a good example to the youth of the community.

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