What Does “Back to the Future” Mean for Your Voice?

For this week’s second music therapy singing session, the word “back” refers to a simple song we learned as children and how practicing it can affect the “future” for the use of our voices.

At one point, seventeen men and women divided into three sections to sing the simple musical round, “Frere Jacques”. That song is the “back” part…back to childhood, when most of us learned that song during music class in elementary school or at camp.

The “future” is what we’re singing toward, including improved voice projection, better breathing stamina, stronger swallowing muscles, and more relaxed facial expressions.

Here are the lyrics…why not invite someone to sing it as a round with you!

“Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques,
Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?
Sonnez les Matines! Sonnez les Matines!
Ding, dang, dong! Ding, dang, dong!”

After that exercise, we sang songs made familiar by John Denver, Julie Andrews, Mitch Miller, Peter, Paul & Mary, and others! Come join us for what comes next!

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