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April 5, 2014

We visited the Peabody Parkinson’s support group this week, courtesy of facilitator Rebecca Stewart, and had a great time demonstrating parts of our exercise program.

Now, we all realize that most audiences politely listen to new speakers, and the Peabody members were no exception. Their polite attention turned into enthusiastic participation as Linda led general warm-up stretching and then moved into more focused movements involving the entire upper torso and legs.

Our demonstration space was limited, so many of the exercises were done seated in chairs. But when Keith took over, we were up on our feet for boxing and trying the agility ladder. We had also added in some cognitive movements using our weighted balls.

We felt the group enjoyed trying the shortened sample program. There was certainly laughter, as well as lots of good-natured comments, shared. We believe everyone left with a healthy sense of personal accomplishment!

Thanks for being such great hosts, Peabody! Hope to have you join us when the Marblehead group goes bowling again soon!

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