Recent program demonstration in Salem

April 26, 2014

Keith, Linda and Marilyn met with a small but interested group of women at the Salem Senior Center last week. Three of the women were already familiar with one another, as they participate in some of the other excellent programs Salem offers its seniors…tai chi, yoga, strength maintenance, etc.

In the time available, Linda gave a great, albeit shortened, overview of the types of targeted exercises we offer. Keith explained the concepts behind keeping as active and goal-oriented as possible when faced with a neurological opponent as challenging as Parkinson’s. To demonstrate one of the points he was making, out came the unexpected boxing gloves and portable upright punching target.  With a little coaxing from Keith, each person was soon following his instructions about weight shifting and making jabs! Comments such as, “Oooh, I missed that time!” turned into determined cross-cuts and big smiles all around as they made contact with their targets!

Thank you, Salem! We hope to be with you on a regular basis in the near future!

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