Parkinson’s doesn’t take a summer vacation…neither do we!

Our dedicated team of instructors are available in Danvers, Gloucester, Hamilton and Marblehead to lead regular weekly ability-and-study-based exercise programs throughout the summer months, as well as boxing in Salem.

We encourage you to continue building resources and to remain physically active this summer. Goal-setting is a good concept to try! Click here to look at our Class Times and Locations page on this site and along with your regular weekly class, why not make one of your goals an additional visit to one of our other locations in a different town. It’s a great way to build physical strength, to meet new people who share similar challenges, and to learn different movement techniques from each of our instructors.

Make it a point to ask a friend or family member to join you in any kind of safe activity that puts Parkinson’s where it belongs more often…taking a “back seat” to whatever provides you with a sense of accomplishment, wonder, and lighthearted joy. Balance your summer days between relaxing and keeping active!


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