garfield“If people were meant to pop out of bed, we’d all sleep in toasters.”

– Jim Davis, Cartoonist (creator of “Garfield”)

Tips for getting out of bed: (

1. Bend knees up, feet flat on the bed.

2. Roll onto your side toward the edge of the bed by letting the knees fall to that side.  Reaching across with the top arm, turn your head and look in the direction you are rolling.

3. Lower feet from the bed as you push with your arms into a sitting position.

✦ A straight back chair anchored at the side of the bed or a bed rail can help you roll more easily.

A satin sheet or piece of satin material tucked across the middle of the bed can make it easier to turn over.

Flannel sheets and heavy blankets can make it more difficult to turn over.

Make sure the pathway from the bed to the bathroom is well-lit.  A nightlight or a closet door left open with the light on works well.

Keep the bedroom floor clear of things that could cause tripping and falling.  For example, don’t leave shoes, books or papers on the floor.

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