Drumming series off to a great start!

The first in our six-week therapeutic drumming series began on January 26th and the room provided for us at CareOne at Peabody vibrated with rhythm!

Instructor Lauren Caso was full of enthusiasm and a fun and patient leader as a combination of 11 men and women tried three very different kinds of African instruments from Lauren’s diverse percussion collection.

We frequently read that as we age, we should constantly try something new to keep all of our brain and body cells firing. We CERTAINLY had the serotonin and dopamine levels in our brains reaching new heights on Tuesday!

Marilyn demonstrated one particular rhythm to the Friday exercise class members in Danvers, and further explained that when you allow yourself to think over what we learned during drumming, the rhythm actually “comes back”…now whether it’s 100% correct is another whole question! But we’ll try it again at our next class on February 2nd!


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