A growing number of younger people are being diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s. Many men and women are still actively working and wondering about having “the talk” with an employer about the future. Advice found in the web site link below is particularly important, as is educating oneself about workplace rights under the American with Disabilities Act:

“Give yourself time to absorb the news, and take some time to educate yourself about Parkinson’s disease and how it will progress over time. …you don’t want to talk to your boss about Parkinson’s if you yourself know very little about the disorder and can’t answer questions.” 

“The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA;, which is enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, prohibits workplace discrimination due to disability as long as you can demonstrate that you can perform the job in question when reasonable adjustments are made to accommodate you.” 

Click on the link to read excellent “talking points” for holding open, honest discussion with an employer, human resources staff, and fellow employees.

Young (“early”) Onset Parkinson’s support group information is available by contacting the American Parkinson Disease Association Massachusetts Chapter’s Information & Referral Service located in Boston (

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