And off we went to Gloucester…

April 21, 2014

Early last Thursday afternoon, Keith, Linda and Marilyn were joined by friend Dianna Daly and 20 interested people at the Rose Baker Senior Center in Gloucester, MA for a demonstration of our exercise program.

Center coordinator Lucy Sheehan graciously welcomed us, and a number of the people who came were pleased to learn that Dianna Daly is associated with our mission, as she is already a respected yoga instructor at the center.

After introducing ourselves, we presented an overview of what Parkinson’s Fitness offers as a means of empowering individuals living with Parkinson’s to maintain their healthiest, safest, and most fulfilling physical and emotional quality of life. Then, curious about the actual exercises, everyone joined in both seated and standing routines, as well as trying strength and agility movements.

After positive comments were made by many in the group to Lucy Sheehan and to us as the program ended, scheduling for a weekly program in Gloucester is being worked on. We’re excited to weave Dianna’s familiar presence and expertise into a leadership role for the classes.

We’ll keep you “posted” as plans progress!


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