100 People with Parkinson’s Collaborate to Write Personal Life Experiences

A Parkinson’s diagnosis creates a challenge to learn as much as possible from expert physicians and therapists. It also fosters emotional worry and curiosity about how to move forward with life without a clear road map to follow.

As Parkinson’s is NOT a one-size-fits-all medical condition, a natural direction most people eventually take is to search for books and articles to read, and many excellent resources are available. Quoting a description of one such book:

The Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson Disease by the Parkinson’s Creative Collective provides information and inspiration to improve life with PD. The Parkinson’s Creative Collective compiled this anthology of experiences containing articles by over 100 experts on PD — the patients themselves. They speak with compassion and honesty to those newly diagnosed, as well as to those who have lived with PD for years. Personal narratives help the reader understand the emotions and remember the facts.”

From 45 reviews, one in particular stands out:
Written as a collaborative effort by people who are dealing as PwP’s (People with Parkinson’s), (the book) had enormous credibility for me and lifted me out of my ignorance and serious depression. The one thing that I have found most supportive over the few months since I was diagnosed is not the ‘encouraging words’ and sympathy and love I have received from friends and family…. it is association, face to face, with others who have Parkinson’s, and reading about people dealing effectively and courageously with Parkinson’s. This book really does this…”

Some reviewers advise that this is a collection of inspirational, personal stories to be read in small sections and experienced slowly, and not try to understand and apply all of its wisdom too quickly. “As a person with Parkinson’s, I can relate to the stories and worries and advice given here… there’s a lot here to absorb, so don’t try to gulp it all down at once. Sip it slowly and thoughtfully.”

An online search of all libraries in our north-of-Boston area did not reveal any available copies. We are including the following link to access the book section on Amazon to read more about The Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson Disease and 45 positive reader reviews.


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