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Since childhood, many of us have learned to remember things using a phrase or word in sequences or rhythms…an example being learning the letters of the alphabet by singing the “alphabet song”. This is called “mnemonics“. Growing older tests our memory power in so many ways!

Try these simple mnemonic examples to discover how the brain pieces things together. Fill in the blanks to complete the phrases.

  • One, two, _____ my shoe. Three, _____, open the ______.   Five, ______, pick up ______.  Seven, eight _____  them ______. Nine, ten a _____ _____ _____.
  • Red ____ in the ________, sailor take  _______.   Red sky ___  ____, sailor’s _____.
  • Sing:  Are you _______, are you ________, Brother _____?  Brother ____?  Morning ______ are ______. Morning ______ are ringing. Ding, ____, ______.

Did the exercises sound familiar? What words, rhythms, or music have helped you to remember things? Don’t have any? Try making some up of your own!


Our G.O.A.L. has always been to provide ways for people with Parkinson’s to Go On Actively Living. click here for class locations and times

We’re excited to partner with Josh Freedland, owner of Marblehead’s Brain & Body Performance of Boston, to integrate our ability-based physical workouts that include boxing with Josh’s exercise-enhanced cognitive training that empowers participants with better awareness, mental focus and decision making skills.

Quoting Josh: “Every athlete goes to the gym working on his or her body…but they don’t train their brains – why not?”

While the NeuroTracker system was not created solely for Parkinson’s disease, Josh’s segment of the program will utilize research-driven technologies and specialized combinations of both physical and cognitive training to help “re-wire” the brain, especially in those with neuro-generative medical conditions and declining cognitive function.

Location: Perfect Balance Conditioning, 63 1/2 Jefferson Avenue, Salem
When: Saturdays – 10:00 – 11:15 AM  and  Thursdays – 1:00 – 2:00 PM
To accommodate members’ schedules, especially those who are still working during the week and wanted a Saturday class, days are interchangeable.

We’re offering a FREE introductory visit! Come try us out!

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