Class Instructors

Dianna Daly – Balance in Motion

Dianna is an artist, dancer and teacher specializing in dance and exercise for people with Parkinson’s, as well as Yoga and Fall Prevention programs for seniors. A Skidmore College graduate, she enjoyed a 30-year performing career in the Boston area while teaching Pilates, dance and yoga. She is currently a Wertheimer Fellow of the Mark Morris Dance for PD program in Brooklyn, New York, where she has had the privilege of ongoing training from movement specialists from around the world. In collaboration with Parkinson’s Fitness, Dianna teaches Balance in Motion classes in Danvers, Topsfield, and Gloucester.


Kim Crowley – Strength in Motion and Conditioning & Boxng

Kim is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. She has taught group exercise across the North Shore and is a former YMCA Associate Health & Wellness Director. Her experience extends to teaching children, teen, and adult group exercise, the senior population, people with intellectual and cognitive disabilities, cancer survivors, and people with Parkinson’s disease. Her fitness education includes the Parkinson’s SMART Program, LIVESTRONG at the YMCA for cancer survivors, and seven years as a licensed Zumba fitness instructor. Kim is passionate about helping people build self-confidence and activities they enjoy for healthy living.  She teaches the Parkinson’s Fitness Strength in Motion classes on Thursday mornings in Beverly, as well as Conditioning & Boxing with Keith Hall on Thursday afternoons in Salem .

Linda Hall – Strength & Balance

Linda is the co-founder of Parkinson’s Fitness with her husband, Keith. She is trained in seniors group exercise, as well as yoga and Dance for PD. She tirelessly oversees the administrative functions of the organization, and participates in clinical trials and specialized Parkinson’s therapy programs alongside her husband. Her ever-present smile and welcoming personality make her weekly Strength and Balance class in Danvers popular with the members, and she often assists in other program locations when needed.

Heather Tharpe – Strength, Flexibility & Balance

Heather was among the first instructors to introduce the practice and benefits of yoga in the North Shore area. In her weekly Strength, Flexibility & Balance class in Hamilton, Heather invites participants to experience movement with a greater sense of ease. She instructs class members in basic postures, form, and breath work, while helping them build physical strength, flexibility and balance.  Heather incorporates her specialized background training into an enjoyable class experience for people affected by Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Post-rehab conditioning, or other functional instability.

Keith Hall – Parkinson’s Fitness co-founder and Boxing Instructor

A former pilot, Keith has always been an exercise enthusiast himself, whether at the gym, instructing young baseball players, or perfecting workouts at home. His determination to not allow his Parkinson’s diagnosis to define who he is and what he does is a beacon for everyone who knows him. Understanding how fundamental boxing “moves” help with balance, agility, and strength-building, Keith instructs boxing in a Salem fitness center once a week, with additional body-conditioning training led by Parkinson’s Fitness instructor Kim Crowley. Keith’s dry humor is one more component that makes his program popular with both men and women!


This dedicated team of instructors invites you to join them in any of their class locations as often as you wish.
They each present a unique type of teaching that guarantees an opportunity for anyone taking their classes to stay motivated!

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